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About us

Mediation4Builders Essex offer a professional and impartial specialist mediation service for homeowners or builders. Contact us today to learn more

Mediation 4 Builders Essex is the ultimate choice for construction disputes mediation.

Our range of services covers you in each and every stage of building as detailed here below.

Contract Disputes

At times issues may arise pertaining to the terms of the contract agreement between the builder and the homeowner. We have sufficient knowledge of construction contracts and the expertise to assist each party come to an understanding with one other.

Planning and Building Permits

We help in speedy resolution in permits acquisition as well as any related problem.

Project Completion Time Issues

We will provide you with an alternative to the complicated litigation process and come up with an agreeable timeline for both parties.

Additional Work

In the eventuality that there is extra work which was not covered on contract, we shall mediate a mutually beneficial solution for the homeowner and the contractor.

Property Damage

Unfortunately, damages to property may arise during construction. Such a scenario should not be dragged to the courts and cause the project to stall. Mediation 4 Builders shall bring an understanding that is beneficial to both parties.

Disputes on Materials

Disputes about the quality of the materials, the choice or on the quantity may arise. Our building and construction mediation experience will provide a way out of the disagreement.

Job Completion

Even on an unsatisfactory work or pending works, we are available to ensure you get the best solution on the issue.

Avoid the strenuous court process and contact us for effective mediation solutions.

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